Black Rocket

Black Rocket is a set of initiatives led by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. We know that blockchain is a future of our society and we think that Cardano blockchain is designed and developed in the most thoughtful way. We launched the following projects:

  • ADA Rocket - a set of tools for stake pool operators
  • Token Exchange - a set of services and the website to track token exchange rates
  • EnCrypto - mobile app to track your crypto portfolio offline, including the Cardano tokens
  • [BLACK] - Cardano stake pool is a part of our infrastructure of all the Black Rocket initiatives
  • Black Rocket Token (BLR) - our own token on the Cardano blockchain

You can find more details about each initiative below. If you would like to support any of them then you can do it by delegating your ADA to our stake pool [BLACK], buying our BLR tokens on any DEX of your choice or simply donating ADA or any Cardano token to our wallet $blackrocket

ADA Rocket

ADA Rocket solution is created and developed for Cardano Stake Pool Operators (SPO), especially for a single SPO. It provides an easy-to-use monitoring toolkit and as a result, it enhances the overall Cardano network security and reliability by

  • raising operator awareness about the node state
  • providing the ability to check the node state on the go without access to PC or Mac
  • an operator can set up and fine tune any custom alerts to their own monitoring preferences
  • sending instant notifications to multiple destinations whenever an alert is triggered

SPO needs this solution to track the stake pool nodes. The usual stake pool delegators will be able to use this application too to track their favourite Stake Pools.

To find out more about please visit our GitHub account: and the project website

IMPORTANT! ADA Rocket is in active development phase, please use it at your own risk or wait for the stable release.

Token Exchange

Cardano Token Exchange is a website and a set of the services to help Cardano users to track their tokens exchange rates. It will list the most popular Cardano tokens and their recent exchange rates in ADA and US Dollars.

Upcoming plans

  • List DEXs for Cardano tokens
  • Add the charts with historical data
  • Integrate with browser wallets to check your personal wallet portfolio
  • Feature some interesting tokens or projects

Please check the website CardanoToken.Exchange for more details



EnCrypto is the only crypto portfolio app for mobile phones where your private data stays really private.

There are many portfolio managers for cryptocurrencies, and they all have similar security issues. All of them are online services, and of course, it is convenient because you always have your data at your fingertip synced across multiple devices. But that convenience is a devastating disadvantage too! Your information and private data about your assets are stored somewhere on the servers or in the cloud. It means that your privacy may be compromised, the data can leak or even be sold to or accessed by some third parties.

EnCrypto Portfolio solves that issue: the information about your assets is only stored locally on your device, and NOT A SINGLE bit of information is transmitted anywhere. Your privacy always stays with you. Moreover, the data is encrypted with the AES-256 cipher algorithm using your master password as an encryption/decryption key.

Another key advantage: it is the only portfolio that tracks Cardano tokens!


Check the project webpage or download the BETA app directly from the Apple (iOS/iPad/Mac) or Google (Android) marketplaces

Stake Pool

[BLACK] is our stake pool, if you consider any of the projects above valuable enough to support then please consider delegating your ADA to our stake pool. We have very low margin, and we are not going to change it at least till 2025. Key stake pool parameters

  • Ticker: BLACK
  • Name: Black Rocket
  • Pool ID: 59b59f232e80f18ce64e0f74560effbf49a3e95ddf6d079681db8b23
  • Fixed Cost: 340.0 ₳
  • Margin: 0.5%
  • Lifetime blocks: 6

Find more details on

Our Token

Black Rocket token (BLR) represents all the initiatives above. We have not yet started any distribution or sales activities yet but if you want to buy some tokens then please contact us directly on our Discord server or in Telegram.

Preliminary tokenomics plan is the following one


Main token parameters:

  • Token ticker: BLR
  • Token name: Black Rocket
  • Total supply: 5 000 000
  • Policy Id: b588e13e123f6b79c867f507311ded8fd68015c59d238e89eabb494f
  • Asset Name: BLR (424c52)
  • Minted on: 2021-12-01

To find out more technical details about our token please visit


Black Rocket initiatives are being developed by a team of enthusiasts and professional engineers with extensive experience in different IT areas. We apply our expertise in security, software development and infrastructure to develop the best solutions on the Cardano environment and beyond.


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