Introducing Black Rocket

Black Rocket LogoBlack Rocket is a client/server solution we are developing to track the most important key parameters of the Cardano Stake Pool and its nodes and the servers where the nodes are running on. We are developing also mobile app for stake pool operator with possibility to setup custom alerts and tracking parameters and send notifications in case if custom alert is triggered
IMPORTANT! Black Rocket is in active development phase, use it at your own risk or wait till stable release.

Who needs it

Black Rocket is created and developed for Cardano Stake Pool Operators (SPO), especially single SPO. It provides an easy to use monitoring toolset and as a result, it helps improve the overall Cardano network security and reliability, and here is why

  • solution increases operator awareness about the node state
  • it provides the possibility to check the node state on the go without access to PC or Mac
  • operator can setup and tune any custom alerts to cover own monitoring needs
  • solution sends immediate notifications to multiple destinations in case of any alert is triggered
SPO needs this solution to track the stake pool nodes. Usual stake pool delegators will be able to use this application too to track their favorite Stake Pools.


Black Rocket solution is developed by team of professional engineers with extensive experience in different IT areas. The same team is operating Cardano Stake Poool [BLACK]. We apply our expertize in security, software development and infrastructure to develop monitoring solution and support our stake pool and keep it available 24/7.

Cardano Stake Pool

Select our [BLACK] stake pool to delegate your ADA coins. We have currently very low pool margin (0.5%) and we gurantee that we keep the same low margin at least till the year 2024.

Support Black Rocket tools development by becoming our delegator!



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