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Welcome to Black Rocket. We are a team passionate about blockchain, and we see great potential in the Cardano blockchain because of its design. Here's what we're working on:

  • - A platform to monitor token exchange rates, seamlessly integrated with Cardano wallets
  • Cardano Tokens Portfolio - A mobile application tailored to track your Cardano Tokens portfolio.
  • [BLR] - Our Cardano stake pool, central to all Black Rocket endeavors.
  • Black Rocket Token (BLR) - Our proprietary token on the Cardano blockchain.

Discover more about each project below. Support our initiatives by delegating your ADA to our stake pool [BLACK], purchasing BLR tokens, or by donating ADA or any Cardano token to our wallet $blackrocket is a platform designed for Cardano users to easily monitor their token exchange rates. With integrations to several Cardano wallets, it can auto-determine your portfolio's value based on your wallet data.

What's Next:

  • Introduce DEX listings for Cardano tokens.
  • Provide charts showcasing historical data.
  • Highlight notable tokens or projects.

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Cardano Tokens Portfolio

Our mobile app prioritizes your data privacy. It updates with the latest exchange rates from DEXs and keeps all asset details on your device. Your data stays private and is encrypted with a strong AES-256 cipher, using your main password as the key.

Key Features:

  • Displays tokens with exchange rate details from DEXs like MinSwap, WingRiders, and SundaeSwap, including market cap and liquidity.
  • Manage your portfolio by adding favorite tokens and their quantities, and see its value in ADA and dollars.

This is the go-to app for tracking Cardano tokens. Android users can download now from Goggle Play Store, and it's coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Stake Pool

[BLR] is our stake pool, if you consider any of the projects above valuable enough to support then please consider delegating your ADA to our stake pool. We have very low margin, and we are not going to change it at least till 2025. You can delegate your wallet to our stake pool in one click here:
Key stake pool parameters

  • Ticker: BLR
  • Name: Black Rocket
  • Pool ID: 59b59f232e80f18ce64e0f74560effbf49a3e95ddf6d079681db8b23
  • Fixed Cost: 340.0 ₳
  • Margin: 0%
  • Lifetime blocks: 8

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Our Token

Black Rocket token (BLR) is created just after Mary hardfork, you can buy the token in a few clicks on our website

Main token parameters:

  • Token ticker: BLR
  • Token name: Black Rocket
  • Total supply: 5 000 000
  • Policy Id: b588e13e123f6b79c867f507311ded8fd68015c59d238e89eabb494f
  • Asset Name: BLR (424c52)
  • Minted on: 2021-12-01

To find out more technical details about our token please visit


Black Rocket initiatives are being developed by a team of enthusiasts and professional engineers with extensive experience in different IT areas. We apply our expertise in security, software development and infrastructure to develop the best solutions on the Cardano environment and beyond.


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